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P.A.G.S. is an acronym for Prayer, Affirmations and Goals for Success. These P.A.G.S serve as focused prayer points to use during your prayer time. It is suggested that you spend at least 10 min. with each section.


Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Before you start writing out your P.A.G.S. find a quiet area and ask God to give you clarity regarding your business. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t hear anything from Him immediately. Continue to ask for direction and He will give it to you.


“He TOOK IT AWAY” is a true collaboration of Gospel meets worship, meets Christian Hip Hop. From start to finish “He Took it Away” is sure to take you on a spiritual musical journey. Its atmospheric intro sets the tone, as the soulful voice and melody of the princess of worship Shari (sha-ree) ignites the fire in you combined with Stellar Award winner Emcee N.I.C.E.’s dynamic storytelling delivery that is sure to remind you of Tupac with his passion. “He Took It Away” has all the right musical elements; the live bass, hard hitting snare with the hip hop swing of the drums and the worship melodies that will draw you into the story. A story of triumph over every setback by being vulnerable and letting God in to help you win.

The lyrics convey a message of having faith, and vision and staying steadfast and focused on your priorities and promises, knowing that evil’s plan is to undermine you with the hope of weakening your faith. There is a confidence that you will always have, however, because you believe, “He Took It Away”.


Shari is a gospel singer and songwriter that has been affectionately named the Princess of Praise and Worship.

She has led worship for thousands around the world sharing the same platform as influential people in the body of Christ such as: Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Charles Blake, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Israel & New Breed, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and many more.  

Shari’s ministry has become a place of both comfort and healing for many.  Her desire is to lead the brokenhearted to the cross by creating an atmosphere where worshippers connect to the heart of God through music. 

Shari’s vocal talents have been showcased on a variety of esteemed projects. Notable features include “Jesus I Love You” by Stellar Award Winner Brent Jones’ album “Open Your Mouth and Say Something,”the soul-stirring “Glory to the Highest” performed by Bishop Noel Jones and the City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir, the heartfelt “Jesus I Love You” from Brent Jones’ album “Open Your Mouth and Say Something,” the inspiring “Secret Place” by FMII & Intentional, and the uplifting “Lord of All” by Deante Duckett and JC, among others.

Shari has collaborated with Stellar Award winner Emcee N.I.C.E.  and released an EP with him called He Took It Away which is available on all digital platforms. The composition ‘He Took It Away’ has been recognized with nominations for several esteemed honors, such as the Stellar Award, Dove Award, and Kingdom Choice Award.

She is also expected to release her Live Worship album in the near future.



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