The chances your money will erode in your children’s hands go up dramatically if their values around saving, spending, and giving aren’t the same as yours. Understanding the pulse of the culture is critical if we are to communicate our values and experiences effectively (tools from VisionMapping℠) Call me crazy, but I’ve always paid a ton of attention to the SuperBowl Halftime show, as glimpse into what holds the attention of the upcoming generation.

So while most of the major reviews don’t seem to give this year’s halftime show many positive comments, I think it gives the rest of us a valuable glimpse in time as to what holds the attention of the upcoming generations.

This year’s performance had a distinct shift toward team and inclusiveness – a direct turnabout from the last decade of shock-at-any cost. This was not a highlight of a star or a performance; it was an audience inclusive musical experience. And, I’m not just talking about the end where Justin Beiber goes into the crowd for a selfie with a lucky youngster.

Team triumphed with more singers, dancers, musicians, bands, and yes even the regular people in the audience. It gave recognition to those team members, musical heros, of the past. I saw a regard for “beauty” and “respect”. White piano class. It was closer to art than any other half time show in the last decade.

At the end of the day, it gave me hope for our me-centric culture and confirmation that there is commonality between the generations – we just have to work to find it. It’s this premise that our VisionMappingSM service is built – that with work and communication, the vision of the wealth builder is wanted and needed so the next generation can carry on the good work.

If you are interested in our VisionMappingSM Generational Perspectives chart which outlines the values, communication styles, and what’s similar, different, and most important from generation to generation, email me.