You could indeed be buying high.  Or not.  All indications are that the economy is on a slow but steady positive path and therefore returns generally should be continued positive.  On a personal note, I’ve really been positively surprised of late with the latest economic growth figures.

If you need more in the fixed income arena, you could possibly buy here today all at once since that area doesn’t generally have much price volatility.  If you are adding to equities, consider doing so systematically over time help (dollar cost averaging) to mitigate buying too high or low.

Not putting money to work has usually proven to be a mistake.  I’ve heard a million reasons why investors don’t invest over the years, many with very sound arguments who “wait for a better opportunity”.  Nine times out of 10 that proves to be a mistake.  In almost 30 years of this business, I’ve learned the markets outsmart investors and professionals almost every time, so why try to win a losing game, especially when you can engineer a desired end-game outcome with a little smart math.


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