It was a trip years ago in Italy where I heard the song of a bird ~ for the first time. Sure I’d heard birds, but until then, I had never really heard their beauty. They were a background, even an annoyance, a perspective that changed the first morning I woke up in Venice. And now two decades later, as I fall asleep in Bora Bora, I have a similar moving experience from the whaling of the winds blowing through my hut.

The 3 story hotel in Venice had no air conditioning and lulled awake with open windows from the sounds of the court yard below ~ a conversation, a symphony from the tree limbs, speaking to my spirit saying “it’s good to be alive”. Lying in bed just listening with pure enjoyment let me know how much I was bypassing with the hurried pace I kept. It was a reminder of how rich life can be with the simple things like the song of a bird.

I was in a dreamy state, like one feels while watching waves lap at a sandy beach, settled in my Bora Bora hut. The island had a constant breeze causing a low howl across the rooms. Sounds crept in and out … the rustle of the thatched roof, an occasional creek of the wooden deck, a swirling blurb of the water in the background….One could not ignore the wind. Usually an actor in the background, the wind was the hidden protagonist playing confidently beside the clear, turquoise waters and nearby mountains. It’s what made it uniquely set apart from every other beautiful seashore and village.

I wondered if the wind was trying to say something yet heard definitive words. Its origin and destination remain a mystery. And from here forward, its presence will never be ignored again or relegated to the background. It is the silent and ever present voice, like our God, who can bring joy in a way that human effort cannot. Who knew that two often unnoticed parts of life could provide such perspective.