If I can help each of my clients dream bigger, reach their goals, and touch more lives than they ever thought possible then I would feel my life’s mission is accomplished.

For the first two decades of my career, my mission revolved around helping people get to retirement.  The quicker they got there, the more time they could have to pursue a more significant role in the grander scheme of life.  At least, that was my supposition.

What I found is that living a life of purpose doesn’t have to wait until retirement, or a business liquidity event, or attainment of a certain financial status. It does seem however, that having a larger net worth, often does seem to carry the message farther.  

What drives me today is helping clients dream bigger – beyond themselves.  As we better illustrate what resources are left after sustaining lifestyle, dreaming bigger gets easier. We can then look to things like preparing heirs, helping parents, ramping up a local community project, or using a business to make a needed change in the world….a bigger vision.

In my heart, I believe if we can help people realize true fulfillment and abundance in every sense, they might just define “their best life” to include returning back some of that blessing to others.  If that idea were to spread, people would likely find more richness in their daily living.  Their increased intentionally of returning that blessing – both business and personal – would surely make the world a better place.  

Spreading that concept exponentially is why I do what I do.